The Sun Foundation is excited to launch the second annual Peer Prize for Women in Science.

This is an annual prize for women researchers across Australia with a mission to accelerate open knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary innovation.

Typically science prizes are selected by hidden panels of a few peers with only the winners being showcased. This means that time is wasted by researchers with unsuccessful applications, and only a fraction of the knowledge is showcased. This creates barriers to collaboration and innovation. The Peer Prize is changing that.

Last years inaugural Sun Foundation Women in Science Prize was the first of its kind in the world and was a huge success. Over 1400 researchers from around the world voted and the competition engaged nearly 100,000 people.

This year we are looking to make the Prize bigger and better. Again, there are two main areas of research focus: Life Sciences; and Earth, Environmental and Space Sciences. The prize for each category has increased to be $20,000.

Scientists: We want to help accelerate discovery by seeding new connections, knowledge and ideas while celebrating exciting research performed by women in Australia. We welcome all researchers across the world to take part in casting your vote in this one of a kind 'Peer Prize'. It will allow you to explore, share and connect with researchers to collaborate and innovate together - without boundaries.

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