How do I enter?

Click apply, and then select whether you want to apply as an individual or as a team. You will need to create a team if you do not have one already.

If you have already started an application, you can continue with this. Click 'Manage' under your username (top-right) to continue a submission.

What does the application involve?

Entrants will be creating their own shareable research page to allow thousands of people and peers to learn and vote. The online application is short and includes:

TITLE - Provide a short title of your research or publication

SUMMARY - Provide a plain English summary of your work. (150 words max)

DESCRIPTION - Provide a description of your approach and broader findings. (500 words max)

IMPACT - What is the wider contribution or impact to your scientific field/s? (300 words max) 

FUTURE - Discuss potential ideas you would like to explore to take this research further. (300 words max)

VIDEO - Not mandatory, but producing a short video explainer of your findings helps drive a much wider audience to your work.

Check out last year's winners here:

Hacking the genome for junk DNA to tackle childhood heart disease.

Cephalopods on the rise as oceans change.

When do I need to apply by?

Closing date for application: May 31st, 11:59 pm, AEST

Entry fee: $50

Who can vote?

We ask research peers to choose the most impactful piece of research, or important new discovery.

You must register as a researcher and be verified to vote. Verified peers can vote once each, on multiple entries. We strongly encourage peers to engage and vote on entries beyond their own specialist field.

This will help drive multi-disciplinary collaboration that is critical to accelerate scientific discovery and solve some of humanity's most complex future challenges in health and the environment

How do I vote?

To vote you must register as a researcher and be verified by Thinkable. This requires you to authenticate your current organisation email, select your field/s of study, and provide details of at least one recently published peer-reviewed article

Once you are registered, take a look at the submissions and click 'Vote' on the ones that you find most engaging.

Verification can take up to 24 hours depending on the influx of registrations so please make sure you register well in advance of the Voting Closed date.

Can I apply if I entered last years prize?

Yes (except for winners). However, the application must still be tailored to adhere to the eligibility requirements. (ie research performed or published since January 2016).

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