Applicants must be female researchers & teams from any research institute, hospital or university with tax-deductible gift recipient status in Australia. Teams with male colleagues are still eligible but need a clear description of the contribution made by the female individual(s).

Research must have been performed, shared or published after January 1, 2016 to be eligible for the prize. It can be a thesis, an article, a data-set or even an exciting new project. Career interruptions/ maternity leave will be considered for applicants - contact us if this applies to you.

Applicants can submit multiple entries as long as they are unique pieces of research.

Applicants do not have to be Australian citizens, however to accept prize money, they must be affiliated with an Australian DGR status institute where the funds will be transferred.


Prize Categories

Big advances in science most often come from collaborations across fields. For the inaugural year of the Peer Prizes, we will focus on two broad multi-disciplinary categories, each with a $20,000 prize:

Life Science Prize: The life sciences comprise all fields that involve the study of living organisms (eg biology, medical sciences, veterinary science, botany, neuroscience).

Earth, Environmental, and Space Prize: Earth science covers research that explores planet earth (eg geology, atmosphere, ocean, land & environment) while space science explores everything beyond earth (eg astronomy, planetary science, astrophysics, cosmology etc)

Each submission can only be entered into one category. However, a single applicant can enter for both categories if they enter a unique piece of research for each. Each applicant can only be awarded one of the prizes even if they have entered a submission into both categories.

Peer Verification

We define 'peers' as those who have authored a peer-reviewed article within the scientific literature. Once verified, peers will be open to vote on multiple entries. Thinkable allows all members to register as a researcher by authenticating their institution email address, selecting their field/s of study, and providing evidence of at least one recently published peer-reviewed article.

Awarding Winners

The winners for each prize will be those with the highest number of peer votes at the close of the voting period. The final leaderboard will be finalised and showcased on the site. The site will be archived to allow open discovery by anyone in order to continue to drive knowledge exchange each year. Prize funds will be transferred to their host institution for their use. There are no restrictions on how the funds can be used via their institution. NB: If there is a tie in researcher votes at the conclusion, the final deciding vote will be made by the donor at their discretion, which is final and non-negotiable.

Use of Funds

Funds can be used on non-conference/travel related research needs related to the goals of the broad research project (eg salaries, students, personnel, equipment, technology). Proceeds of the award cannot be used on conference travel.

 Total Prize Amount




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