Amy Dougherty Verified Researcher

Image1466137908?1466137908 University of Wollongong
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I have been an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Wollongong since completing a post-doc with Colin Woodroffe in 2012. Prior to this I held a permanent position as a Research Scientist at the Institute of Earth Science and Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, while finishing my PhD from the School of Environment (completed September 2011). I started my academic career in the United States of America before moving to New Zealand in 2004. I received a Master’s Degree in Earth Science from Boston University (Massachusetts) and Bachelor of Science from Union College (New York) with a major in Geology and a minor in Environmental Studies. Since early on in college I wanted to give back in some way, because I felt fortunate for my academic opportunities (e.g. scholarships as well as research assistantships with NASA’s Earth System Science Program and at MIT’s Argon Chronology Lab). Therefore, in between degrees I took time off to volunteer. First in the for the AmeriCorps and then after specializing in coastal geology for my Masters, I was as a Geologist in the Park at Cumberland Island National Sea Shore and GeoCorp of Women in Geoscience for Cape Cod National Park. In the past few years I have had several career interruptions, however, between these as well as immigrating to Australia, applying for jobs, and starting a consulting firm; I have volunteered time and money to keep my research going from writing manuscripts to funding applications and completing fieldwork to presenting at conferences. The OSL chronology developed for this research has been possible through collaboration with Dr Jeong-Heon Choi at the Korea Basic Science Institute in South Korea. Eventually, I hope my consulting firm will become profitable and be able to support this coastal science through a research and development aspect. This recent venture into small business as founder of GeoInsights Consulting utilizes my 20 years of commercial and academic experience. I have gained considerable knowledge having led substantial projects and extensive fieldwork spanning from Australia and New Zealand to North and South America. My specialty is applying Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to various settings and questions. The majority of my research has focused on developing the use of GPR to understand coastal evolution and extract records of storms and sea-level change. However, I have worked on a range of scientific studies (e.g. glacial deposits, delta architecture, lake bed stratigraphy, riverine sediments, vineyard soils, archaeological digs, construction sites, toxic waste dumps, paleoseismic reconstructions, volcanoclastic deposits, and active volcanoes). Recently I pioneered the use of GPR in geothermal settings, with applications to hazards and resource exploration. GeoInsights Consulting combines my expertise in geology, geomorphology, geography, and geophysics to unearth insight from the shallow subsurface, with the aim of delivering services that range from non-destructive detection of buried features to large-scale landscape reconstructions. Combing this insight about past deposition with the understanding of present processes can provide foresight ranging from project planning to future landscape evolution and management. Ultimately, my personal goals are to develop shallow geophysics to understand climate change, natural hazards and renewable energy as well as promote this research professionally and voluntarily through education and practical applications.